On the Zine Scene!

Some zines I have been coveting this week from etsy!

The third issue of Taking the Lane talks about a range of women doing fascinating and awesome things in cycling, 100 years ago and today.

But don't sit back and idealize them...get off your butt and ride! Or whatever inspires you most.

My intro describes the ridiculous self-censorship that I put myself through while writing this issue. Thankfully, I was able to work through it. Issue 7 of Tattooed Memoirs is about my deep love for tattoos and working in the tattoo industry, but the bitterness I feel now. It’s a peek into my life while working in the tattoo shop for 13 years & then deciding to take a much needed break. I describe the transition I made from tattooing to working with an adult home party company as a consultant which has been incredibly fun & empowering.

At last! Ballin' And Baggin': 50 Vegan Date Ball and Tea Recipes to Please Your Palate.

This is the premium zine and pin set that comes with the I heart Ballz one inch pin.

A 24 page zine printed up with chartreuse green cardstock cover. A vegan humour zine, heavy on the humour, light on the recipes. There are 40 date ball variations that can in theory be made along with 10 tea recipe pairings. Classy!

Contains sections such as Great Ballz of Fire and The Ball is Always Greener on the Other Side.

You can make nooch balls, mustard greens balls, fabulous teas and more! Impress your friends! Dazzle co-workers! Get ballin'!

This is an illustrated short story. 

It is probably the darkest thing I have ever written. 

The first line is, "Today I beat somebody to death with a baseball bat." And then it goes on to tell the story. 

Although it is dark, it is one of my works that i am most proud of.

One of our projects at Art for a Democratic Society is what we call the "Manifesto Exchange." In order to create a more self-aware and critical art community, we're trying to increase awareness of past art movements and the art of the manifesto. To do this, we're publishing a number of historical manifestos as well as manifestos written recently by local artists. We make them available at cost to the general public to create a critical dialogue on art and its place in society.

This is our mini-zine of the 1924 "Le Manifeste du Surrealisme," by Andre Breton. Neon blue cardstock cover, black and white, 16 pages.

In August 2010, I went off my medication to study what sort of art would come out - this is the end result. It is vulgar, weird and wonderful. 

37 illustrations. A5 book. Textured cover.

I like going to the cinema. 
I've collected every stub/memory from all movies I've seen. 
I've put them together in this zine. 
It tells a story. It's funny. It's honest. 
You will have seen some of these movies too and maybe you'll remember some shit too.


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