Make Music Monday

This week's Make Music Monday is dedicated to 'The Beatles'

I was a late starter with 'The Beatles'. I didn't grow up listening to them via my parents, My mom had one cover cd that I listened to a lot, and I remember their song was used for 'The Wonder Years' theme, and Boyz II Men had a beautiful A Capella cover of 'Yesterday' [can you tell I was a product of the 90s]. Although I didn't realize these were actual Beatles song until I started getting into The Beatles around 2007 while I was living in Jacksonville.

I was dating this guy at the time and he gave me all of their albums on cd. Ironically I had become obsessed with 'Sean Lennon' before I had gotten into the Beatles, so that was kind of backwards. My step-dad was also on a Beatles kick around the same time I got into them, and had decorated his whole office with Beatles swag and when I was taken to Las Vegas on my 21st birthday I was so excited to see all of the vintage merchandise at the Hard Rock Hotel.

I religiously listened to The Beatles during 2007-2008 and if my account is any proof, it has never really stopped. The first song I became obsessed with was Sexy Sadie, followed by Eleanor Rigby.

And then 'You like me too much' [probably because it described exactly what I was going through at the time].

I would listen to them non-stop while I was working as a cleaning lady, and come home and write music on my ukulele. A few of my songs were heavily inspired by some of their songs. My current favorite Beatles song is 'Rocky Raccoon'. The first time I went to karaoke here in Brooklyn last year I heard someone do this song and it kind of blew me away, and has been my fav Beatles jam since then.

I have to admit that I did do one of those youtube lip-sync to songs way back in 2006 when youtube was just starting out to 'Hey Jude', before I had gotten into 'The Beatles'. You can tell because I don't know most of the lyrics but what can you do I was a bored 21 year old.

When 'Across the Universe' came out in 2007 I was completely obsessed with it as well, and fell in love with some of their versions of the songs as well. Some of my favs from the album : [ I want to hold your hand ], [I've just seen a face], and [Because].

The Beatles continue to fascinate me. When I meet someone new and they love The Beatles they always play their favorite songs around me and then I associate them with these Beatles songs and it adds more memories and value to their music. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like at least one Beatles song, or at least a cover of one of their songs. It is crazy to think how much their music has shaped all of the music since them, and how relevant they still are today in the music scene.

I will end this week's MMM with a great Beatles mash-up playlist via !


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