[hi Ben!]

So this was my outfit for my first day back on the job-shopping scene. It looks like it is going to rain every day of this coming week except maybe thursday, so I won't have a lot of luck job shopping anywhere but online. [If anyone knows anyone hiring in brooklyn hook a lady up!]

Here is the last lot of things I got with my credit from trading clothes in. I was sad that I couldn't find any more bottoms, but all of these shirts will get tons of wear this summer, such light fabrics, and airy-cuts. I always love when I find American Apparel things at these places because that is the only time you can get a deal on them, The grey romper all the way on left is a new with tags american apparel piece. sweeet! I can understand it though, the one-pieces at American Apparel are all too small for my torso so I always have to get one size up, so I bet that is what happened to this person, but lucky for me this is a medium!, the Penguin top is a v-neck and very soft. Also the 2nd black top is from 'Top Shop'! I have always wanted something from Top Shop but they don't sell them anywhere I have ever lived except here, and I still haven't been to a Top Shop store, but I know they are kind of pricey, so I was happy!

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