As each day passes by and I go to do outfit photos, I wish for a sony bloggie or 4th gen ipod touch to magically appear in my life. But until then, these pics will have to do. sorry!

Yesterday's outfit was super chill. I was running around doing errands, laundry, cooking, and catching up on stuff around the house and online. So I went really simple, with a plain-T / cardigan and jeans. Oh and my faux keds that you can't see.

Went to the williamsburg Beacon's Closet thinking that I could use my voucher from the park slope store there, turns out NO.

So I put these items on hold on saturday and came back in and traded some more things with them.

Now these are all mine. I kind of freaked out a lot when I found that Edie / warhol t-shirt dress. It is from the Andy Warhol Muesum. of which I've never been but I need to.

Otherwise I got that t-shirt that I am wearing in my outfit today, and a white tank that fits really well, and some american apparel high-waisted shorts that look super cute for a steal!

Today's outfit was a combination of me wanting to wear the new dress that Brit Brit got me from Forever 21 for my birthday, but knowing that it is still a bit too chilly to wear it on it's own.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Here is some things that have been inspiring my style :


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