Owning an Album.

Last night was the first time since December that I had the whole place to myself. I took advantage of turning all the lights off and doing one of my favorite things. Listening to music in bed with my headphones on and not doing anything but listening to it. I used to do this all the time when I was younger, just lay on my bed and put my favorite albums on and sit and stare out my window and let the music penetrate into my soul.

I turned to Radiohead's 'Amnesiac' and realized that this album is completley and utterly mine. It has no association with anyone else. It doesn't remind me of anyone, I don't think of any memory of a different time in my life, it doesn't make me happy or sad. I just get this euphoric feeling of just being and listening.

I listened to the whole album from start to finish in my twin-sized bed under the same velvety brown comforter I bought myself when I first moved out on my own back in 2005. When I was talking about this album with my room-mate he said that I would like this album because it is the most depressing one. I have always identified with really depressing songs more than most, so that explanation does make sense. So maybe that is why I like this album so much, or maybe it is just how it flows together.

When I finished I was really happy to have something just be mine and not have it associated with anyone or anything else I fell into a restful sleep after that.

Do you guys have any albums like this in your life? We all have tons of albums and songs that remind of us other times in our lives, other people. But do you have one album or song that is completely yours?


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