My Week in Video.

This week it was so rainy and dreary all week. I practiced lots for my show on Saturday that ended up being really lame but the party after that I went to @ The Bell House put on by The Underground Rebel Bingo Club I haven't had that much fun in a VERY long time. I needed it I hope to go next time they are in town. I had an interview @ a Vintage shop in Park Slope that went kind of lame, but I have one this Monday that I am more excited about, and would prefer to work at. Ran errands with Brit Brit and paid my very last Parking Ticket, so I will be back to not whining about having no money soon. Also it is official I need some new music recommendations, according to my lastfm account I have been listening to The Smiths, Britney Spears' new album, and Best Coast non-stop for the past few weeks. But to be true I have been addicted to 8track mixes, which don't get counted on there. Here are a few mixes that I liked this week [ Sexy Time , Pop Goes the Music Industry, April 2011 Clean Pop Mix, Isn't it pretty to think so. . , Crushin' on Leonardo DiCaprio ] . Also all the video footage from this week's video was taken with my new camera, the quality is so good!


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