Book Wish List [Part Two]

Natalie Babbitt

[This was one of my all time favorite books growing up. I remember my favorite teacher Mrs. Schober read it to us in class. I think this was one of the first books I fell in love that had such a tragic ending. I just really felt for Winnie and was so heartbroken, but it was so touching at the same time. I haven't read the book since 3rd grade, but I did see the movie back in 2002 and remember being disappointed. I wonder if I would feel the same way if I read the book now]

Joan Didion

[I found out about this book from another blog and it looked like something that I could use at this time in my life. A true story about a woman who goes through a lot of shit and somehow manages to come out on the other side]

Miranda July

[I read this book a few years ago and completely fell head over heels in love. I had just borrowed it from the library at the time, but it is one of those books that I would read over and over again, and give to friends as a 'must' read. It just struck a chord with me, she is so interestingly strange it is a delightful read. Also I suggest reading to together with someone.]

David Lynch

[This was recommended to me awhile ago, and now I can't remember exactly why. I am not a David Lynch aficionado, but remember feeling compelled by the person's explanation to get this book, has anyone read this?]

Harville Hendrix Ph.D.

[I have only ever read one self-help book forever ago when I got out of my first soul-crushing long term relationship back in 2005, and I felt like it helped me get back to not feel like damaged goods. That being said I still got flack for reading a self-help book, but whatever. I am always up for learning how to be a better person in relationships, I can be pretty selfish and I found this book a bit ago [I have been single for close to a year now, so I don't have any practical use for it now, but it comes highly recommended]

Kris Carr

[This book has been making the rounds on the many vegan/health-food/raw blogs that I follow, I am very interested in trying her cleanse, and reading updated information on what vitamins and minerals are needed for a healthy lifestyle free of meats. The only thing that turns me off to books like this is the word 'diet' used in the title. I especially hated saying I was on a 'raw-food diet' but that was the only term that made sense at the time. The word 'diet' is just so tainted now-a-days. Either way it is on my list as a must-have!]

Mary Roach

[If you have never read any of Mary Roach's books, you are MISSING OUT! I first found her from watching 'Six Feet Under' where one of the characters recommends her book to another character, the book being 'Stiff' which I promptly went out and bought at my local Floridian bookstore and found myself conveniently morbidly engrossed with every single factoid about 'the curious lives of cadavers' she had to present. The way she tells stories about whatever her subject matter in each latest book is, is so intriguing you never thought you would want to know all the nitty gritty about such things but sure enough you find yourself spouting off these factoids to random people at parties. ANYWAY! This is just the latest book by Mary, that I still have yet to get my hands upon, but need to. "Packing for Mars is a book for grownups who still secretly dream of being astronauts" need I say more.]

Check out the first installment here, and I have since added a bunch more to my list so look out for part 3!


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