So I have known about for awhile now. But never bothered to visit it because the prices were never in my price range. But I figured I would just make a few photo collages of pieces that made my eyes light up.

Red is the first color my eye darts to when I am looking for new clothes, and these pieces all struck a chord with me. If I had to, I would narrow it down to the pin-up dresses for spring because I know I will appreciate sleeveless everything once summer comes.

These darker pieces would suit more for nights out on the town. Especially that particularly decadent trench. The constellation shopping bag is just perfect

The creme de la creme of the spring dresses. These types of dresses make you feel like you a delicious cake. I already have one like the top white one that I wore religiously when it was warm out.

An obsession of mine for the past two years, probably because I don't have any, and the ones I come by are ugly. I have a few bodysuits like the one on the bottom but if I ever found a romper like any of these to wear out it would be the cutest! Comfy, cute and warm all in one package!


mix by Jemibook featuring a sheer dress

These are all more professional 'grown-up' pieces to me. Things that I feel like I would wear to a family event or to meet the parents or something.


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