Make Music Monday

So as I was checking out my youtube videos this morning, pondering what I could use for this week's 'Make Music Monday' I came across a show that I did with an old friend of mine called 'Lesbo and Latino' the premise was that we would drink our favorite [at the time] drink Tampico and mix it up with some vodka and just film ourselves and some of our friends talking about ridiculous things and eating an entire cake. It was pretty lame, but I had fun editing what I thought was funny stuff together and adding some of my favorite songs into the mix. I never thought anyone would watch any of the episodes, although we knew we would get some hits with a title called 'Lesbo and Latino' but today when I was looking at my old videos, I checked the stats and the above video had over 30,000 views where most of my music videos never even hit 1,000. Is this a sign, should Jemibook sign off on music and over to drunken comedy youtube videos to get the hits, probably not. But it was an interesting thing I thought I would share with you guys, in a some-what 'Make Music Monday' fashion. I haven't been flowing with musical inspiration lately, but I did start on a new song last night that kind of has a 'country-esque' vein flowing through it that I am not accustomed to but it came out so I went with it.

This week's playlist is a collection of stuff that I listened to loads while creating 'Lesbo and Latino' with Daniel. We would drive up to Jacksonville a lot from Palm Coast [about an hour drive] and he had a ton of burned cd's in his car, and we would mostly listen to all of his 'Metric' cd's on repeat during driving time, he also got me into a lot of other new music because he was always on 'The Hype machine' or some other music blog.

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If you are interested you can see the other episodes of Lesbo and Latino here [ 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]


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