Etsy Favorites!

[Even though I have issues with my teeth a lot, I still love the imagery and dentist tools and all things that have to do with teeth, so besides the fact that I don't buy t-shirt ever I <3 this]


[I have become more and more into anatomy and medical gear in the past few years, I can imagine my future home with a very medical themed bathroom and this sitting on a glass shelf as decoration]

[I was searching for 'Magic Eye' things on etsy and couldn't find anything, but I came upon this and was throughly intrigued, they also have one on how to alter time!]

[I absolutely love that the nail trend keeps getting bigger and bigger, because then people start getting more and more experimental like these Sean Connery press-on's, you would have never seen this a few years ago!]

[The Love for bows and hair bows in general never fails to excite me, especially when they are locally made!]

[I have never used coasters, but these are much better than the cardboard ones with beer logos on them]

[I just plain love this!]

[Hah, as a transplant to NY I had no idea that bedbugs were even a real thing, I thought they were just a thing your parents said to keep you in bed. But upon arrival to NY you are practically scared to death of having these bugs in your place, I like this gag gift for anyone who has ever had to go through it, or maybe someone who used to live in NY and knows the fear.]

[This font is so pretty, I wish this weren't so much though.]

[So cute and simple, and clouds are so light airy and happy, I need these for my ears.]


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