Mixed : Slow Dancing with your Ghost

Here is my latest mix. I made this on Tuesday and a little bit on Wednesday as well. This is my first mix that I have made that has it's own story to go along with it. This mix was inspired by listening to too much 'Dead Man's Bones' and pretending to be a stereotypical 50s couple. Here is what the story says :

"1956 was the year when we became ghosts. You and I over that cliff. The rain got the better of the car on that unseasonably rainy summer day. We were leaving a bbq I wore the white dress that always reminded you of our wedding day, you wore the tie I found at the thrift store with the brown horses on it. Our life was filled with all of our secret moments of love, walks in the field at sunset, slow dancing under the willow tree with the fireflies, and kissing at each red light. As ghosts we float on through the years trying to hold onto each precious memory, lingering in the in-between because we are afraid we will forget the scent of a dewy morning, or the warmth of the other's bodies. We never age, but our memories fade each day, and we will even forget all of our favorite songs. But until that day, when we become strangers again, let's live each day like it was our last 1956 day. Hand and hand, full of love, and with that song we both love playing on the radio. "

I have been on a Ghost kick for some time. My last cd's cover and I still have a rainbow ghost costume that I have yet to wear out at a performance as well. They have such great imagery and multi-faceted emotions and meanings behind them. They can encompass a lot of the same things that I write about.

Here is the playlist. The website just didn't have two of the songs sadly, so you don't get the full effect but you get the feeling of their story.

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