My Week in Video.

*Disclamer: There is nudity in the above video*

So this past week was all over the board. From trying three times to apply for Medicaid, to starting work on my newest zine, to a Grease screening birthday party @ the Soho House. I was able to do two girl's nails this week, and started to try to get back into un-cooking raw. Had a snow day and had my astrological sign said to have changed. Re-watched the last episode of 'Big Love' [I love that intro] to prepare for the new final season starting today, and started watching 'Grey's Anatomy' with Benzie. Watched I Love you Philip Morris [this has a GREAT twist in it], The Bodyguard, and re-watched The Story of Us, and The Lord of The Rings. Listened to Pet Sounds and The Body Guard soundtrack WAY too much, and discovered Jessie J's powerful lungs thanks to tumblr. Received lots of packages and mail-love and baked Vegan Russian Cookies.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What did you guys get into this week?


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