My Week in Video.

This week was slowed down a lot with our first New York Blizzard that closed the roads down until Thursday. I got a lot of movie watching done in that time. Re-watched Empire Records, The Science of Sleep, White Oleander, and watched for the first time City IslandSylvia and The Greatest. Created a new zine which I couldn't get printed until today so it will be out this week. Hung out at the Emerson, a local pub that my friend Kevin works at and had epic talks. Had my bangs cut and played dress up. New Years was low-key for me, went to a loft party and a bar but headed home early after midnight. Made Vegan French Onion soup today, and picked up some essential items at M.A.C. and Ricky's. Re-discovered the Dixie Chicks and listened to them WAY too much as well as Broadcast's "Tender Buttons" album [which I highly recommend every song is perfect on this album!]. This week I have girls lined up all week to do nails to make up for the lack of nail posts in the past few weeks I've been sick. So look forward to that!

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What did you guys get into this week?


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