2010 in Review

Describe 2010 with 3 words:
transplant, unexpected, love

Which concerts did you visit in 2010?
Claw Like Things
Lady Gaga
The Funeral and the Twilight

Where do you live now?
Brooklyn - New York.

What happened on your birthday?
This : 

And going out dancing at Club Jager with my homies.

What was your favorite moment in 2010?

The release of my first music video

Which one was your favorite month?
May: I was in love with spring and released my last album, went on tons of picnics, spent tons of time with friends and worked at a great job.

Most influential people in 2010?

My house gang, had tons of fun with them before we all went our seperate ways :

Harold : All of the adventures we went on, and delicious food we discovered thanks to groupon, and a million wine and cheese picnics before we both set off in different directions.

Did you find new friends?

Brit Brit


Do you regret something?
Not finalizing everything in my last relationship, it could have saved me a lot of emotional/mental anguish. 

Did your life change in 2010?
I have come to the conclusion that my life will change every single year. This past year was a whirlwind of hefty life decisions and deciding what path I would choose for the next chapter of my life. I moved to a new state that I never thought I would live in, and started working from home for the first time since 2005, had major panic attacks, played my first show where I released an album, drove cross-country with my best friend, left the only people whoever felt like family to me, and got a sunburn for the first time since I was 18.

Did you find a new job?
Yes I worked at Lund's the most amazing grocery store that I have ever had the pleasure of working at, and now I currently work from home.

Are you happy that 2010 is over soon?
2010 has been a strange year for me filled with a whirlwind of High's and Low's. A lot of my favorite relationships ended this year which sucked, my first few months in New York were really hard but it has been getting better with each month, so I looking forward to what 2011 will bring me here in New York.

Have you already made plans for traveling in 2011?
No, it seems that the people I want to see will be traveling to my hood so that works out for me, especially if I get into school in 2011!

Best book you read in 2010?
Sadly I didn't do much reading this year, and none of the books I read really excited me. Zines on the other hand are a different story, I really enjoyed 'First Kiss' and

Best films you saw in 2010?

5 Musicians you listened to in 2010 too much!
Belle & Sebastian

Marina & the Diamonds

The Avett Brothers

Lady Gaga

Beach House

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

Die Antwoord

Regina Spektor

Vampire Weekend

What were you doing at new years eve last year at 23.59?

House Party @ Monroe house with my friends

How are you gonna celebrate new years this year?
I never have any idea until the week before.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?
Going to school, releasing new zines and music, new york in the spring, moving out of this studio.

What do you want to change in 2011?
Bigger living situation.

What are you NOT looking forward to in 2011?
Summer in New York...it is torture. 

Are you planning on having any kids in 2011?

One Picture From every Month :













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