You Made Me Feel Loved Today [zine]

The sweetest addition to my zine collection! Today is the release of my latest zine 'You Made Me Feel Loved Today'!

This zine is a compilation of love notes, get well wishes, and just generally friendly messages I have received over the year compiled into one nifty zine!

I wrote commentary to most of the messages, talking about the people who sent them or remembering the memory that they are talking about in the notes.

I hand sewed it together, and lined it with 1920s envelope liners. The cover is made from heart wrapping paper and a printed title on tracing paper.

You can get your own copy of my newest zine on my etsy site here.  Also I updated my zine list to include this new addition, and if you haven't already-check out my ZINE page to see all of the zines I have created over the years and get your own copies!

Hope your monday is going great - I will be posting for today's Make Music Monday soon soon soon!


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