Make Music Monday.

I've been having an interesting couple of weeks here in my life. So please excuse me if content isn't as planned. But I did manage to pull through for this weeks song. I started it in one direction and then decided to make it a completely different song. It's mostly just a fictional song which is different since most of my songs are based on my life or things that happen to me. Nice to switch it up. Take a listen:

During, and after the Zombie Pub Crawl I was inspired to perform. I basically was performing a role during the Pub Crawl and I had fun doing it [even if I can't remember a lot of it and I ended up with a huge bruise on my leg from it]. It made me think more positively about performing my own music. Or at least having less fear towards it. I decided that this year is pretty much a bust for me. I am ready for it to be over already and to start new and fresh and birth a new thing out of 2010! our first decade of the 2000's will be over that's kind of intense to think about, I was a freshman in highschool when the 2000's began and I'm still alive. I've made it! Here's to the next decade being tremendous!


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