Make Music Monday

I wrote the lyrics for this song last year but I couldn't finish it at the time because I only had my broken ukulele that wouldn't quite play music correctly anymore so I didn't get to finish or post it, this week I wasn't sure what I would write about, and I was at one point heated enough to write about how boys can sometimes be jerks but I decided to go another route, and it was a good thing I still had these lyrics saved on my stickies [ i really need to clean those!] so here is this weeks song:

I wrote it right when I first started dating my now ex, and I was feeling all of these extreme emotions about him, and how he was doing all of these amazing things for me constantly and how it was hard to stay in the moment and not think that this was just going to go away like it always does. But it's also a happy song, hah, and it's almost fall again, I don't know if I wrote about this on here or not but I've found that for the past 3 years I always find myself getting in long relationships around November, I don't know exactly why but it's quite interesting, and all of my relationships end in the summertime.

This week is kind of jammed packed, so I will have to work extra hard to make this weeks song, we're going to look at a new place to live on tuesday!!!! and it will be my first time going to the State Fair as well, I'm kind of excited only because everyone in Minnesota that I've talked to has been appalled that I've never been to the state fair before..but you know what guys I've been living in Florida, it's kind of hard to get up here it takes a few days...!

Hope you guys have a great week!!

Much Love,


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