Make Music Monday Version 2.0

So I'm going to try to revive Make Music Monday, now that I have my own room/space again I'm feeling up to the task, and I already have one song for this monday, and then I am working on my latest masterpiece that I can't wait to introduce.

A little introduction to this song, I wrote it the day after a break-up and I was trying my hardest to write something optimistic and upbeat, and I came up with this little ditty, I didn't edit it, or sing it over or anything, I just kind of made it up as I was strumming so that's why it may sound a little weird, and I probably would have changed some of lyrics if I wanted to be more 'pro' about it but, whateve's!

I'm not actually going on a date, or have any dates lined up. But I was trying to think of that feeling you get when you are going on your first date or the first couple of dates with someone and you get all giddy and excited to see them, and you look your best, maybe put on your special 'smell/scent' for the night and you have all of these great potential ideas for how awesome it's going to be, and you are a little bit nervous, but it's the good kind of nervous.

How's that for optimism!


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