Make Music Monday 3 weeks in a row!

So it's monday so that can only mean one thing. Music! New least over here on!

This weeks song kind of came to me pretty randomly, I wanted to write about something completely different, but this came out instead. It's a bit sad in that it's about losing, but it's also happy and hopeful at the same time... Take a listen and we'll talk more :

It's about my puppy that I had to most recently give up as another part of what I will now refer to in all it's majesty as 'the breakup of 2009!!!!!!!' dun dun dun... will have to do another post on that on a different blog.. but ANYWAYS...I loved her sooo much, and will miss her terribly, I do already, but I still have amazing photographs and paintings and drawings of us together to remember how much fun we had together. I don't know who owns her now, but I envision that she has an incredible life, where she gets to eat raw food, and play with other doggies, in a huge back yard, and has a million chew toys and nice little kids to play with or something like that. So I'm happy for her potential new life without me.

I've never written a song about a pet I've had, so this was a new one for the books.

Hope you all enjoy!



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