Jemibook Press!

So check it out guys, I was featured on the Twin Cities Daily Planet along with some other zinesters!

They even used a photo from the latest Lolita!

Tomorrow and Sunday are the big day.

Here is all the info for everyone who has been asking.

Where it's at:

Stevens Square Center for the Arts
(Where Zinefest is hosted)
1905 3rd. Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

When it's at:

July 11: 11-5PM & July 12: 11-4PM

How Much it costs:


What You will get:

Tons of awesome zines and new ideas for your own projects, plus to see me!

Why you should come:

Because you want to support the local scene and check out what this Lolita thing is all about.

- - - - - -

So there you go for everyone who has been wondering!

I hope to see you all there on either day!

Much Love,


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