Life Update.

So I needed/wanted to update this thing but I guess I have been tooooo busy to do so.
Here are some of the things I've been up to:

Went to see 500 Days of Summer at the Minneapolis Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, and you people must see it when it comes out to a theater near you, here's the trailer if you haven't already watched it today :

The random musical-type scene that happens in the movie is worth the $15 by itself, but the movie as a whole was incredibly real and not a romantic comedy it's being called an anti-romantic-comedy actually!@!#@#

Had an amazing Veggie Easter Picnic w/ some friend's:

Sucked in some of the sun-rays the other day while driving to a pizza/trampoline party @ a friend's house:

Became addicted to Restaurant City on Facebook.

Decided this week would be Asian week @ our house..i.e.. all the dishes I"m cooking are vegan-asian dishes. Check out the recipes I"m using below:

Sunomono (Japanese Cucumber Salad)

Chinese-Marinated Vegetables with Rice
Chinese Tofu Salad
Soy or Mung-Bean Sprouts Salad
Double Mushroom Miso Soup and Sesame Broccoli
Somen with Tofu and Asparagus in a Chinese Dressing

Discovered SEITAN JERKY!!! holy crap. I've only seen it @ the Seward Co-op [which is amazing by the way!] I want to make some, it was the same consistency as regular jerky it was delicious!

Been practicing a little bit, mostly warming my voice up again, when I'm actually able to be alone and am not dead-tired or have a million plans..

I scored this amazing dress the other day @ Everyday People in St. Paul, after trading in some of my old cloths to them..they needed to be banished from my wardrobe!

All my awesome birthday presents from my friendly-friends, this doesn't include the portrait that M.R.Sweet had made for me by San!

I will leave you with this strange video, that's only on here for the song



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