New Song.

Hi there friends.
I have been neglecting my blog.
But I have been working.
I made this song a few weeks ago, all the pieces finally came together for me to make something new I was happy about it.

It's called 'Liar of 2008', and obviously about my last relationship. We're friend's now, but looking back on it, there was a lot of crap I put up with that I feel foolish about now. I wasn't the most perfect angel, I don't aspire to be, but it's funny what you perceive about people based on age/status/looks, what they tell you and what they actually 'do'. It was a learning experience for sure, and I don't regret the relationship [hell it's good material for songs] but it was a real big reality check of why I stayed with them for so long.

I also think it's interesting that the first song I wrote about our 'then' budding relationship is similar in an eerie way.

- - - - -

In other news, I'm on the quest again for a new penpal[s].

If you are interested in writing letters, send me an email [ ]
or comment below, with your email and we'll hook it up.

Also my only other band 'Shit Yeah, Girl!' are playing our first official show March 27th @ Big V's in Saint Paul, MN for only $5! We made up two new songs this past sunday, and will finish two others for this special show, it will definitely be some ridiculousness in true 'Shit Yeah, Girl!' fashion! Also I just googled us and we have a blog. And here is our video if you never watched it :

-0 - - -

If you don't follow my flickr you won't have known that I chopped off all my hairs and got the most amazing haircut of my life by a special lady named Becca.

This picture is by Mr. Sweet he's doing a new series based on colors "CMYKRGB", we've done red already this was the 2nd color.

- - - - -

My birthday is in less than a month, so that means another super amazing funtime Jemibook birthday, here is the flyer for this years event :

It's a rainbow themed party, each person is a different color/shade, I haven't decided how I will be decorating, but I will be making a repeat from last year of Rainbow Jello Shots.

- - - -

And last but not least an update on my zine, Lolita:

Much Love,


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