Food Food Food!

Don't stop me now!
Don't stop me...
cause i'm having a good time, having a good food!!!!!!!

Check out these dishes I've made lately : [p.s. all of these dishes are Vegan!]

Broccoli Potato Soup! [Recipe here]

Mexican Salad! [Recipe here]

Butter Bean Soup with Portabellas and Wild Rice [Recipe here], we used lima beans instead of butter bean's tasted just as yum!

and last but not least!

Rich Chocolate-Pumpkin Cake w/ Pumpkin Frosting [Recipe here] this picture doesn't do it justice because it is soo moist and delicious, two layers, one layer chocolate, one layer pumpkin, and pumpkin frosting hells yeah!

Yummy yum in your tummy tum!

[all pictures by]


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