5 of my Harmless Addictions.

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1. Books. I've been addicted pretty much since birth, I always had to read myself a book to fall asleep each night. [I need to find the picture my mom took of me sleeping with a book in my face]. I frequent the libraries pretty much weekly and love to go to bookstores to see what's new out.

2. Heart everything. I'm not exactly sure when this came about, but many people know that I squeal over cute heart everything.

3. Changing my Hair/style. I love all types of styles, so I'm constantly experimenting with myself and my style to try everything I can out. It's pretty fun, but not for my hair.

4. Rainbows everywhere. I love to line clothes up when I'm working to look like a rainbow, or I look out for the other colors of the rainbow to match up with me when I'm driving my red car around.

5. Mail. I'm addicted to mail, I check the mail constantly when I know I'm expecting something. I love decorating envelopes for my friend's or using special wrapping paper to send them off in. Getting mail just makes my day!


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