Petal Pusher


I just officially read the first book that I hated.
"Petal Pusher" by Laurie Lindeen. I saw it at this bookstore downtown and it looked interesting, about the lead singer of a minneapolis band 'zuzu's petals' about her dealing with being in the band and so forth and so on. I kept reading it hoping that it would get better at some point. It just made me mad, she whined so much in the book about not making it big, and other girl bands, how no big labels were signing them, a whole myriad of crap. It was like reading a whiny teenage diary.

The parts that kept me reading it, was where she referenced places in Minneapolis that I've been to, or places that she traveled to that I've been to, and how she got into gigs and such [for my music knowledge]. Otherwise I was mad that I hadn't finished the book already so I could give it back to the library with my stamp of disapproval. I don't like that all of the Minneapolis bookstores are putting on display just because she's from here, and that cameron crowe is on the back of the book giving it some kudos.

One positive thing that comes out of stuff like this for me, just like when I hear a hip-hop song on the radio and it's a hit, I know that I can make it. If crap like this can get put out into the world and be well-received, or at least make a dime and a few cents, then I have a market. If Wesley Willis can have a following, I can. Although I think that Wesley Willis is better than anything this girl ever wrote about, 'Casper the homosexual friendly Ghost' much better than the entire book "petal pusher".

/rant finished.


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