Okay, It's true I've been slacking.
I apologize.
Some of my room-mates are leaving this weekend, well all except my main buddy Bryantie, whom I share my room with here.
Javier is off to Miami to celebrate his birthday [Oct. 31st] and Ben and Liz are off for a mini paid vacation to New York. Only Bryant and I will be here to celebrate Halloween, and I don't know about him but I haven't started my costume yet after the one day when we fumbled around with mathematically measurements.
So, today we'll see what I can pull together in ideas for a quick Halloween costume to make for Friday.
In the past week or so, I've been visiting a few yummy coffee/tea shops. Watched a movie 'The Secret Lives of bees' met some interesting people and had fun conversations about people's werewolf's. Sold a copy of Lolita Issue 2 on Etsy, which I WILL be sending out all my mail today. Sorry for the delay to people who have purchased something from me lately! I know I've been sucking at that.
I finished writing the comic I started a few weeks ago, and just have to finish drawing the last 3 frames. I started on a new song that I collaborated with Javier on a bit which was something I've never done before and was very exciting. I think I will post the solo version of it with myself later and then if we get to work together on it again I will post that also.
It semi snowed on Sunday which was I'm not going to count for the first snow so I didn't take pictures or video, but when the real thing comes around I will for sure.
Found an amazing Like/Dislike zine that Liz had that I am VERY fond of, that I need to email the lady about.
So in short, I've been working collectively on a bit of each of my favorite things [even baked some vegan brownies the other day which turned out yum-yum-tastic!], but I've been neglecting updating this thing with it.
Um, work. well I need more hours mostly, so that part sucks for the paying of bills and such, so I'm still applying to other jobs to try and find something that wants to give me more hours. Yes.
It's 33degrees here today, and I'm becoming more and more aware that I need my huge obnoxiously pink jacket that I wore for anytype of cold weather when I lived in Chicago...

Okay, that's a bunch of randomness now, I'm off to work.

Here's some of my walk to the bus-stop when I leave my one job downtown Minneapolis



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