Riverside Video.

Hey there babes!

So this was my 2nd week living up here in Minneapolis, and it was pretty great, I was able to get my 2nd job, and started work @ my first job this week. So I am very happy/relieved about that.
I rode the bus like I haven't in over 5 years and the transportation system here is very quick-like. It was rainy and overcast for one day and super sunny and bright for the entire rest of the days!
The others of the house and I had a little battle Royale on the trampoline

I did a bit of drawing this week, but I worked on my Halloween costume with Bryant-boo, although he tried to make it waaaaay more complicated than it should be, so I'm going to try and expedite it tomorrow so I can get more done, but I think we may be off for lots of fun tomorrow, there is a craft show and what-not!

Also I had a jam/dance session with myself this week, and after a lot of struggles with my computer/camera they finally came to agreement and we made this fine piece of entertainment for you :

It's my song 'Riverside' my newest one. I went to a little free show last night at Club 331 and there was a select few bands playing and I enjoyed all of them very much, that is super rare for just going to a show on a whim..But while I was watching I thought that I would be able to do that, at least play on that stage and not feel so anxious, so I think I may ask them once I start practicing a bit more, once again.

There are a few more other things in the works [ which I am supppppper excited about ] but can't reveal yet...soon enough!

Well have a great weekend, I know I will!

Much Love,


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