Make Music Monday

Hola Senoritas!

I am soo happy that I started this song early last week because so much happened after it. My lover and I looked for new places to live this week, and found a place on Thursday I believe, and we've been trying to figure out the money and date and all that stuff, and now something else has possibly changed the date, we're excited about getting a bigger place together, [ I'm happy that it has wood floors I've always wanted wood floors, he's excited about the checkered board kitchen floors- he's always wanted those].

My loveliest-bestest friend Anastasia came to our house on Tuesday and we had a Wine and Dye party, Red-heads only invited to match the Red-Wine of course. So I invited Cara over also, and we all did a bit of dying and chatting and Shawn cooked us home-made tacos it was yummi, and now our hairs were all freshly red and dyed.

Finished the cd's this week, and worked a bit much. Had a few dinners and breakfasts, and I got Shawn to watch 'Angels in America' which is one of my favorite movies ever - and I think everyone should see it of course, but it is very long.

We also got some tea from Teavana which I had been coveting since I found out the place existed in the mall, it's particularly not cheap, but Shawn splurged and got us some really tasty tea that should last us awhile.

Okay okay enough of that jibba-jab.. onto this week's song.

I was feeling rather lovey-dovey last week with my best friend being here and my lover and I making plans for our future, thus this song was born. I think that it needs a choir in the background, if anyone can hook me up with that I would be most gracious.

As for upcoming shows. There is no definite word on the show yet so I can't say anything for sure. But I hope that it will clear up soon so I know if I can start working on stuff for it.

That's all for today I suppose. Have a great week!

Much Love,

oooh and p.s. my hair is officially long enough to do a proper flip, and it looks super-cute, I will take pictures this week when I dress up - promise!


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