Sept 1st already?

So August has come and gone and it was way too crazy - especially the last week. Somehow we made it out of last week - we moved and are into our new place. I got in my first bike accident the week before and have been so out of it since then. I finally got full-time at my job and am working towards a new position hopefully! I have been so inspired lately but haven't feel like I had any real time to get anything done the last month which really bummed me out. So I'm hoping September will slow down a bit more so I can get back to being more creative more often. 

We are pretty much moved into the new place - but unfortunately my new desk I got off craigslist won't be able to be affixed to the wall in our craft room so I have to buy a set-of-drawers to set it on - so hopefully that will happen this week - because I am dying to get settled in there! 

Here are some insta posts that have been inspiring me lately.

And here is some of what has been going on - Oh yeah and I dyed my hair blue because I needed a pick-me-up after my bike accident left me severely bruised and cut up!


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