Instagram Fav + what's up August.

Well - this month hasn't quite turned out like I had hoped for. I haven't been able to get one thing done with my challenge I made. hah. I did so well the month before. But the beginning of the month we were hard-core looking for a new place to live. We have to move out of our current place because the rent is going up and we are trying to save up to get a house in the next couple of years so we decided to move out and get a room-mate to help this.

Luckily for us -one of my old co-workers was moving out so we teamed up with her and found a new huge spot that is a lot closer towards manhattan than our currently place - 6 stops actually. That cuts a lot off of all of our commutes so we are super stoked about that - plus each of our rooms are huge and we have a separate craft room as well!

So that was the beginning of the month - then I finally got more hours at work, and I have been trying to do more summer things before it's over and I'm crying again about the weather - we finally had a picnic, I went to a Vegan Expo with george, started a movie date idea, my little brother and step dad visited and we went to central park and the national history museum. Lots other little things sprinkled in there - I have been trying to keep up somewhat with my creative bits - and I finally finished reading The GoldFinch - which I was disappointed with the ending - and kind of sad I spent so much time reading it - when it really wasn't that good. Oh, well.

I've got a couple more books in my queue to go through currently. One on domesticity and then I'm going to read one on vegan pregnancy - because some lady at work inspired me to read up on it for later.

I'm a lavender / pink haired lady again! Was very happy when my work gave me the A-ok! I always feel more like myself with colored hair.

I will be happy when we move out and are settled in a new place. This place ended up holding a lot of  odd memories for me - I am always up for starting fresh in a new place. Plus we are investing in a new bed and mattress! It will be our first NEW one together!

Anyways - here are some things that have been inspiring me on Instagram lately :

^^^^ Crafty Inspiration ^^^^

^^^^ Style Inspiration ^^^^
^^^^ Gardening Inspiration ^^^^

And lastly a few pics of my old man and I the past month.


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