International Zine Month (Day 3) Zine Distro Appreciation Day.

Today's challenge was a little hard for me - because honestly I don't order from Distros. I get most of my zines from doing trades with other zinester either in person at zine fests- or on etsy. I think I have ordered from a distro maybe once or twice mostly from Amber's Fight Boredom ( ) whom I've even interviewed for this blog and wish she would blog more frequently again.

I decided to go about it randomly and just search Zine Distro on google and buy from one that seemed like a good fit.

I came upon : Sweet Candy Distro :

Here are the 3 zines I ended up ordering :

Glitter on the Mattress
a burlesque beauty zine

20 pages/Half size
by Vivian Lashes

I think the theme of this zine is very cool and helpful for those involved in burlesque or for people interested in learning some different kinds of beauty tips. Vivian Lashes interviews burlesque performers, Angie Pontani and Dirty Martini. They divulge their make-up tips for performers, tricks of the trade, skin care regimen, and favorite bath and beauty products.

Fuse Zine
a new yarnbombing zine celebrating public acts of self-expression through yarn
16 pages/Quarter size
by Lorna and Jill Watt

When I pulled this zine out of the envelope and read the sub-title I squealed! Yes, I really did. A zine about yarnbombing? C’mon!

Printed on beautiful colored paper, this zine is simply delightful. The editing duo are sisters Lorna and Jill Watt. They compiled some DIY tutorials for a thaumatrope yarnbomb (fun for all ages!) and a crochet and knit bacon & eggs.

I swooned over the sketches and information about tools of the trade along with the “must haves” when setting out on a night of yarnbombing. Both beginners and seasoned knitters/yarnbombers will enjoy the quizzes, puzzles, and other goodies!

Pretty Pussy
Hair Care For Sensitive Girls

16 pages/Half size
by Grace

I really thought Grace did an excellent job on being super informative about grooming your pubic area plus other tidbits about keeping the area healthy. Using a comic format, Grace includes illustrations along with information about shaving, waxing, threading, laser hair removal and electrolysis. There is a step-by-step tutorial on grooming, product recommendations & various styles.

Grace says, "This book is not by any means meant to say that you MUST or even SHOULD shave your privates, it is a personal choice that every girl makes for herself. However, on the chance you do want to try it, this book is for you."

- - - - - -

I personally go for DIY / Craft / Gardening zines when initially looking for zines - or super girly ones. So that was how I ended up on picking these three zines. I have been interested in yarn bombing for quite awhile - I don't see it out in NYC as much as I used to when I first moved here - but I would love to do it on my bike and around my house. As for the girly grooming one - I have always lamented the fact that my mother never taught me anything about grooming downstairs and that I had such trouble figuring things out downstairs for myself growing up - and love the fact that a zine can exist solely for that. The burlesque zine is honestly more for the make-up tips, I once had ideas of possibly doing burlesque but I thought against it - I don't think I'm that funny, and I have a hard time figuring out what my body shapes look like unless I am looking at them.

That's it for Day 3 of this challenge - I have found myself looking forward to it each day!


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