International Zine Month : (Day 28) : Cook a recipe from a Zine.

Day 28 : Cook with a recipe from a zine or cook zine!

Yesterday I did cook - I made Vegan Sushi bowls - which prompted my very meat eating boyfriend to add it to his Vegan list of repeat meals he wants me to make.

I cook at least 4-5 days out of the week for us - I mostly use recipes that I find from pinterest since that's the easiest for me to access when I am in the kitchen - but I do have a nice collection of vegan / gluten-free or raw cookbooks in my collection.

As for my zine cookbook collection I only have these two :

Banarachy Now ! : The further vegetarian adventures of soyboi and friends. Made in 2011 it's a really well put together zine - has the obviously different sections - tools that you would need - tips - etc. I don't know if I've ever cooked anything from it but I can't bare to part with it.

The Easy Vegan Zine : by Kendy from is a very simple very straightforward zine about simple recipes to cook that are all vegan. Great for someone just starting out!

Here are some things I've cooked in the past couple weeks/months:

Also if you are on pinterest and want to follow my recipes or find any of the recipes above check here :


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