International Zine Month (Day 21) : Zine Library Day

Day 21 : International Zine Library Day! : Visit your local zine library!

I have been meaning to visit the Barnard Zine Library which is the only library that has ALMOST all of my zines (they are just missing I Loe You) and I may have to head over there after my wednesday therapy since they are having an event :

I've actually never participated in a zine event other than zine fests - but have always wanted to start my own. So it might be fun to do something like this - plus the 23rd is a 'make a one page zine' day so that would fit in quite well!

Today I have work so I can't head over today - but I will leave you with some recent crafty purchases :

p.s. I get almost all of my crafty supplies off of ebay or amazon these days - SO much cheaper than anywhere else I found. I usually only search auctions that are $5 and under to limit myself as well! 


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