Gardening - Bike Modding - Getting Nekkid

This past week looked like so :

Lots of greenery - My cucumber plant is starting to attach itself to the tomato plant - the hydroponic plants are growing famously and I even took a bite of one of the lettuce leaves today it was amazing. Gifted Mary with the above succulent in a beautiful vase made from a local brooklyn seller - and we added a new plant baby to our family - our very first Venus Fly Trap!

My bike got a little bit of a make-over. New taped handlebars - horn - rack, basket and TIRES! Now I just need my lights to come in the mail and I seriously need to replace the crap saddle I have - it even leaves bruises on my bum. 

Started to get into my more Naked clothing this week as it's been HOT and my work uniform doesn't allow for anything nakedness so I have to put it on over-drive when I am not at work. 

Finish with some of me playing around with my camera and making some gif's. 

I almost forgot George and I have started to do some Video Blogs of our days. Here are some of them above. 


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