Long Lost Jemibook

The first month of 2014 has been ROUGH.

From extremely bone-chilling weather, to trudging through wet and slushy snow covered streets, to just a general lack of enthusiasm for doing anything other than ordering food and staying warm inside I am happy to report that January is gone and hope that I will get a glimmer into slightly warmer weather this month.

Honestly I didn't do much of anything this past month other than work, and whine about the weather. The couple of things I did are photographed below :

Tried getting back into the habit of making bentos (but these were the only two I photographed)

Made lots of new things at home. - Wilted spinach and baked tilapia - with extras

George's speciality is making massive saturday morning breakfasts like these.

My first go at making my own vegan rice pudding - not my favorite - I'm used to the creamy version - may try it again.

This strawberry salad was pretty amazing - made the blue cheese dressing from scratch.

Another one of George's morning masterpieces. 

I did venture out to have my very last meal at Food Swings with the wife and Benzie before it closed. Twas deliciously gluttonous !

Tried to wear as many of my psychedelic prints when the weather wasn't absolutely brutal.

Fell in love with this beautiful pie-print dress from mod cloth.

Hung out with these guys when I dared to venture out this past weekend to go see 'The Wolf of Wall Street"

Also went to see 'Her' this month as well and had an out of body experience - every one must see this film! 

(borrowed this last bit here from one of my favorite new blogs : http://www.goodnightlittlespoon.com )

Reading| My Life in France : Julia Child :: I rewatched the film earlier in the month and when I found the book in a discounted store I just had to get it. It's an interesting read - especially because I can picture the movie while I read it.

Watching | Back episodes of Grey's Anatomy while I wait in anticipation for the new episodes to start back up. Downton Abbey - george got me hooked on it. Sailor Moon Season 2 - I haven't watched the whole thing since I was a young lass - and I miss it all the time.
Making | Food - food and more food. Bought an art journal kit - but I haven't been motivated enough to start it.
Consuming | Mango slices, cheese fries, lots of apples and bananas as well.
Listening to | random playlists on spotify mobile and an old iTunes library I found buried on an old hard-drive.
Looking forward to | Slightly warmer weather - getting health insurance.
In February | I hope to use my extra time at home to update this blog more.


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